Boban Mirkovski, born on January 18, 1991, in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia, is a highly accomplished pianist and educator. He is a distinguished graduate of the School of Music at the University of St. Cyril and St. Methodius in Skopje, having studied under the esteemed guidance of Macedonia’s renowned pianist, Simon Trpceski. Mirkovski furthered his education by completing his Master’s Studies in 2015 at FMA Skopje under the mentorship of Professor Aleksandar Serdar from the Republic of Serbia, with a significant influence from his first mentor, Professor Danica Stojanova.

Throughout his musical journey, Boban Mirkovski has demonstrated his exceptional talent through solo performances in prestigious venues worldwide. Notable locations include Washington DC in the USA, San Daniele in Italy, Prague, Brno, and Boskovice in the Czech Republic, Valetta in Malta, and Belgrade in Serbia. He has also collaborated with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and participated in concerts led by Simon Trpceski.

Mirkovski’s performances extend beyond traditional concert settings, as he has showcased his artistry in various festivals and commemorative events. Some noteworthy appearances include the “Ataraxia” concert at the Ohrid Summer Festival (2020), the Skopje City Festival (2020), a tribute concert in honor of the 30th anniversary of Macedonian independence (2021), and a solo performance at the Aleksandar Djambazov tribute concert at the Ohrid Summer Festival (2022).

Among his many accolades, Boban Mirkovski has earned top honors at prestigious competitions, including multiple first places and laureates at the “ArsKosova” competition in Pristina, Kosovo (2006, 2007, 2008), and a first-place finish at the “Davorin Jenko” competition in Belgrade, Serbia (2009). He has also been recognized for his virtuosity, receiving the third place and the Most Virtuous Pianist award at the “Music & Earth” competition in Sofia, Bulgaria (2006, 2009).

In addition to his solo career, Mirkovski has enriched his musical expertise through participation in master classes conducted by esteemed professors from around the world, including Zeni Zaharieva (Bulgaria), Jokut Mihajlovic (Serbia), Fulvio Turissini (Italy), Agathe Leimoni (Greece), Tomoka Kaishige (Japan), and Boris Romanov (Macedonia).

In 2021, Boban Mirkovski released his debut solo album, “Facing the Sun,” under the publication of “Bagi Communications,” followed by his second album, “Album,” in 2023.

Currently, Boban Mirkovski serves as a distinguished piano professor at SMBEC “Ilija Nikolovski – Luj’ Skopje, where he has garnered numerous achievements in nurturing the talents of his students. He also collaborates with the Bagi Big Band, contributing his skills as a pianist and arranger.